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Hello my name is Ingrid Paola Rivera Cespedes,

I was born in the Espinal -Tolima. The April 08, the 1997 and I have 16 years old.

My direction is avenue 13 # 9-21 in Caballero y Gongora.

My father is Jhon William Rivera Gonzalez, is driver and is 36 years old.

My mother is Yina Melania Cespedes, is a housewife and has 31 years old.

My sister is Hanna Michelle Rivera Cespedes, is a baby and has 1 year old and I am the first of two sister.

My pet is a dog and is called Natasha.

My favorite food is pizza.

Am a simple, happy person and I like to share with my friends.

I want to study at the University of Tolima.

I want to study Systems Engineering.

Support team Atletico Nacional.

I like to play basketball.

My fear is heights.

This is my lovely and dear family.

These are my friends, with whom I share laughs and good times.

At the output of Ibague, I really had fun with my teammates and enjoyed it.

At the exit to the Naranjos, it was fun because we did dynamic and swam in the pool.

I admire Ernesto Sabato that is a great writer and essayist, which I like that about him.

I would like to travel to this country for its diverse culture and tourist sites.